Wednesday, June 2, 2010

do the right thing opinion

i think this movie was very inspirational to me for standing up for what i beleive

Monday, May 10, 2010

Do The Right Thing Answer

I think Mother-Sister doesn't like Mayor because he walks around town drunk all the time. She seems to be a religious person and she seems to not approve of his obsessive drinking. Although, I find it kind of ironic that they end up being together in the end.

Do The Right Thing Question

Would you have thrown the trash can into Sal's window like Mookie or would you have supported Sal and stuck up for him?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I think most of the black people in the movie were too racist.

Do the right thing

why do u think the mayor is called the mayor?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do the Right Thing

Mother Sister is an interesting character to grasp, all she does is just sit at her window and watch every one. What is her role in the movie?

Do The Right Thing Question

Why do you think that Mookie doesnt like Sal flirting with Jade?


The movie's entertaining, but a few parts of it are kinda.... strange. I.E: when the camera went around to the various people spitting out those long-winded insults.

Do The Right Thing

so far i think that the movie is a pretty good movie. i can relate to it better than most of the movies weve watched in class. this one is more realistic than the others and i can relate to most of the characters.

Do The Right Thing: Question

Do you think Smiley has any understand on what's going on with the whole "boycott" when he joins with Radio and Buggin' Out?

Do the Right Thing-Answer

Buggin Out reacts that way because it's a white guy that scuffs up his shoe.

Do the right thing

Why is everyone mean to mayor, he's had a rough life by the sounds of it and no one pays him any respect.

Do the right thing - Question

why dose Bugging out react like he did when gets his shoe scuffed up by the bicyclist?

do the right thing

the movie is really effects or action driven its more character driven, it is really not boring its very eventful.

Do The Right Thing

Why do you think Mother-Sister hates the Mayor so much, when she loves everyone else like they're her own children?

Do The Right Thing

I believe the film does a great job with describing what it's like on a hot summer day in Brooklyn, NY. It's brought to life with all the tempers being thrown around with the characters. No language is cut out, which makes it real for the viewers.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What I think about Do the Right Thing

So far i like the movie and think it does a decent job of depicting the streets of Brooklyn on a sweltering hot summer day. Everyone's tensions are high and no one hesitates to jump down someone's throat. My only question is how in the world is the mayor wearing that suit in that heat?

Do the Right Thing

There is a character trying to boycott Sal's pizza shop. Why do you think he has so much trouble in finding support?

Do the Right thing opinion

In my opinion Do the Right Thing has a strong representation of characters. All of the people are very different and they all stand out, this movie successful displays one of the most colorful (not referring to skin tones) communities around in a very colorful neighborhood

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

do the right thing thought

i wonder why the son of the italian guy who owns Sal's Pizza hates black people so much.